How to install a salt lick

Two things happened today that seem too related to be pure coincidence. First, the USDA announced new diet guidelines that recommend people reduce their sodium intake. Then, my doctor told me I could eat as much salt as I’d like. (And I quote: “If you ate less salt, you’d probably faint.”)

Needless to say, I like to eat salt quite a bit.¬†This is a common trait among supertasters. Oddly enough, we also tend to salt our food less, because we can discern lower levels of it. This NPR piece has more on the ins and outs of supertasters’ special relationship with salt.

You may be wondering, How can I get the green light from my health-care provider to eat as much salt as I’d like? 1) Have very low blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, you probably shouldn’t be trolling food blogs. Hopefully, you are a supertaster and can still live a tasty life with less salt. If you do have low blood pressure, your body needs the extra salt. Just remember, I’m a proponent of salt, not high sodium, high sugar junk food.

Which leads me to 2) Don’t eat salty food. I’ll get right to my point: skip the food part; go straight for the salt. You may get some looks offering up a bowl of salt as a bar snack, but I suspect you’d get some converts. Or play up the novelty and call it a salt tasting. Food people are always impressed with tastings.

I nibble from a modest selection–my collection is just around 20, and that’s because I stopped buying salt and that’s because I can only stomach using one whole shelf for my addiction. For pure munching, I recommend: Sunny Caribbee Sea Salt; World Spice’s¬†Mediterranean black flake sea salt; and Belamandil Portuguese sea salt.

And I’ve just thought of a third cosmic intersection! I started reading Mark Kurlansky’s Salt: A World History this weekend. I’ll review it when I’m done, but here’s my favorite fact so far: The Romans called a man in love salax–in a salted state–which is the origin of the word salacious.

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