Reading the Fish Wrap (#3)

This week something was bothering our food section editors. Everyone felt the need to vent. At the Washington Post, the chef-owners of BlackSalt laid bare the trials of having a child with diabetes, while the lady chefs at The General Store unburdened themselves by mocking their customers, being defensive about it, and then coming out as a couple. (I’ll link to it in case your latest issue of People magazine is late to arrive.) And at The New York Times, in what is becoming a recurring theme, Sam Sifton complains that a new restaurant’s patrons are too young, too cool, and too damn loud!

The papers seem to be in cahoots when it comes to their Super Bowl menu suggestions as well. Confirming our hunch that food editors don’t take the event seriously, the Times offers up crumpets and marmalade, and the Post gives us grits-stuffed collard greens and carrot cashew spread on crackers. I’m surprised that not even an intern passing by either newsroom piped up that football food needs to pair well with beer. You want greens? Bake them crisp and salty. You want carrots? Toss out some crudité and blue cheese dressing.

Sigh. Enough of my venting on top of their venting. One Times recipe worth clipping: a simple potato salad. And one useful tip: Grate frozen pepperoni on anything. Which brings me back to that Super Bowl menu…

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