Not Starving in D.C.

I know I sound like a broken record sometimes, complaining about D.C. restaurants, missing NYC’s. Ultimately, I want to facilitate, or be part of, a larger conversation about what an awesome D.C. restaurant would be. Something that is ours, not borrowed; something that nails décor and vibe as well as food; something that is not a once-in-a-year splurge.

So, here are a few D.C. restaurants that I think “work.” BlackSalt on MacArthur Blvd. is hands-down the coolest, classiest, chill-est meal in town. And the seafood menu is interesting and cohesive: You should be able to piece together small plates into a meal as well as order an appetizer and main at any restaurant. Bistrot Lepic in Georgetown is a fun foray into super traditional French fare. Décor is a little meh, but that can be forgiven for the authentic frog vibe. I’ll continue to rave about minibar for a while, but the meal’s a reach (1/3 of my credit card bill this month, in fact). Sushi Taro and Uni in Dupont Circle on P Street fit the bill when you’re craving raw fish.

Speaking of craving, there is one D.C. meal I seek out most often. Posto is a boxy, modern Italian on 14th St. I say modern Italian, because they don’t overfeed you, but the place actually does have a “European” “now” feel. Some good pastas (skippable all’amatriciana), but stick to the cream sauces. Their veg sides and meat and cheese options are all swell. The cauliflower is off the menu right now, but it’s worth a trek. And, and…the Bismarck pizza is the best pie I’ve ever had. Red sauce, mozzarella, ricotta, spinach, and an egg baked sunny-side up on top. For a few bucks more, they smother the thing in truffle oil after it comes out. Do not skip this step. I literally eat this every time I go.

If you haven’t been to Posto, go. And if you’ve been, but have never sat at the bar, chatting up the charming barman and creator of house-infused grappa and various cellos, you are still missing out. Look for my Va Va Voom on an upcoming cocktail menu, only with orange bitters instead of grapefruit, and sporting a more Italian name: L’Avventura.

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3 Responses to Not Starving in D.C.

  1. have you been to restaurant nora? i suppose it’s more in the alice waters california tradition, which is to say perhaps not a d.c. tradition, but dwan and i very much enjoyed a valentine’s meal there. at a table next to diane feinstein! or did i already tell you about that?

    i just had a delicious snack of five whole raw pecans, and a crispy apple. my earlier lunch of a peanut butter and chutney sandwich did not go over quite as well, delicious though my home-made cranberry chutney may have been (having to clear out the old to make room for the jar you gave me).

    there’s an article in the new yorker about the modern food movement, with its vacuum packed slow-cooking, the thrilling techniques to be had with liquid nitrogen, and on and on. interesting, but all this hyperactivity about the latest great taste leaves me a little cold. it’s as if this overfed and obese culture needs ever more enticing bits to keep its interest up. (i know, i know, obesity has much more to do with doritos and twinkies than haute cuisine – or modern for that matter.) however, i think folks would do well to wait until very hungry before having that first bite. it seems that a hearty appetite is still the best sauce.

    your uncle pete, aka the scrooge.

  2. Emily says:

    Thanks, Pete. My subscription of The New Yorker lapsed, so I’ve been a little out of it. Back on track this week, I think.

    I actually don’t like Nora. The decor and the menu need some…updating if you ask me.

  3. AJR says:

    I just had dinner last night at Posto after reading this review. Great recommendation. I even had the Bismarck (w/ the truffle oil) which was sensational. This place is a gem.

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