Jello shot in the heart

There is no such thing as a classy jello shot.

It is with mixed feelings that I link to this post at the T Magazine blog–Toby Cecchini always seems to be on a parallel track in an alternate universe. This week he wrote about jello shots and a friend sent me the link with the heading “Jello shots have arrived.” She was being ironic, and not because this fact is unlikely, but because it is untimely.

Jello shots have been back for a while or maybe it should have occurred to me to start a jello blog called jelly shots and contract a book deal instead of putting my head down and investing heart and soul into a rigorous, now seven-year period of jello shot R&D, culminating in infinite recipes, a few creative games, and an intensely dedicated cult following for what Cecchini refers to as a “vile ritual” turned chic novelty. (There was an actual business attached to this rather messy, sticky period of my life called Slurp, which came with a pledge that we could make a shot for any type of party, including fetish.) And now, with the greatest disrespect, Cecchini piggy-backs his “discovery” of the value of this “vile ritual” on the food-cart movement, because “we all know high is low” now. And we’re back to it: The lowly jello shot’s day has come.

I’m going to cool off and come back to this topic in a future post to share the fruits of my labor. In the meantime, you can read the post at T Magazine or wait for my loving and tasty tribute. Mint julep season is upon us: unflavored gelatin, 2 parts boiling water, 1 part bourbon, l part creme de menthe, and fresh mint leaves. Follow the directions on the Knox box, adding a mint leaf to each un-set shots. Serve with whipped cream (sprayed directly from the canister into your mouth).

I guess jello shots are still pretty trashy, as they will always be… Although, I did see them at a wedding this past summer. And now, the T Magazine is on it, and there is a blog-to-book about them. I hate to say it, but jello shots may have arrived, but they were consumed and are now long gone.

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