The Mirage in My Food Desert

The food shopping ritual for New Yorkers who cook is intricate. There’s Little Italy (or has it been completely upended by Eataly?) for Italian, Chinatown for pork buns and sweet sausages, M2M or Sunrise Mart for Korean and Japanese, Espositos for the meat, Warehouse Wines on Broadway for the cheap booze. And that’s just downtown. Nearly every neighborhood has all these cuisines covered.

In D.C. we have a one-stop-shop mentality. Variety here is Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Safeway–and depending on your neighborhood, you may have some extra diversity at that standard chain. (I know, I know, the farmers markets all around town help immensely for part of the year.) For those of you new to D.C. looking to expand the shopping experience, you’ll need to head up Wisconsin just this side of the Maryland border to a shop called Rodman’s.

Within this unassuming storefront is a quirky hodge-podge of discount beer and wine, and loads of unusual South American, German, French, Italian, British, and Asian specialties. Think your favorite crisp or sweet isn’t available in the States? Check out Rodman’s. Would gourmet and unusual mixers up your social status? Again, Rodman’s. Do the words “Champagne Sale” make you agitated? Then, you know what to do, and you’re welcome.**

My latest purchases include tea, pickles, tinned fish, caviar, a case of Nicolas Feuillatte champagne, Fever Tree tonic and bitter lemon soda, and rose and orange blossom waters from Lebanon. There will be bar experimentation tonight!

(**Note: Some people have asked me not to mention Rodman’s on the blog. But I’m sure that there is someone out there who needs this as much as I do.)

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