Still No “Dislike” Option?

The wires are aflutter for Drinks by the Dram by the Master of Malt. I’ll translate. A British shop specializing in “fine single malt whiskies” offers small samples of its wares for online ordering. Wannabe rich sophisticated types who huddle at the peephole, salivating over how-the-other-half-lives/male toy fantasy site UnCrate, 34,000 of them in fact, “like” having this tasting option.

The samples, which are about 1 ounce in size, range in price from $4, not too bad, to $70, with many in the $10-$20 range, plus shipping. Here’s my suggestion, look for a tasting in your area, stop pampering yourself like a prince, and make a donation to a local charity.

Wait! I can’t end on a scold. How about this? Read about (and listen to) The Vegetable Orchestra over at NPR. The Austrian band constructs its instruments before each performance from fresh vegetables and after live shows uses them to make a stew for the audience. Ah, the world tilts to good once again!

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