Welcome to the Capitol

With the home bar sagging under the weight of recent purchases, it was time to either bring in reinforcements or start drinking in earnest. One man’s recent Manhattan kick mixed with the new booze and muddled with some good old-fashioned D.C. pride led to the birth of a nation, er, I mean a national cocktail.

The Capitol

We set to mixing and tasting and came up with a drink that’s mighty similar to a Manhattan, but it’s all white. We call it The Capitol. 3 oz of the new white whiskey from High West, 1 oz Dolin blanc vermouth, a few dashes of grapefruit bitters, and a cocktail onion (the kind soaked in vermouth, not vinegar!).  Success was ours: It was white certainly; it tasted like a Manhattan definitely.

Then I remembered that I don’t particularly care for the Manhattan, and my pride in D.C. feels more like exasperation today. So in honor of the government shut down, I plan to defund any programs looking into the further development of The Capitol.

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