What About Roses and Water?

Thursday Happy Hour (nearly passed!) must be why cocktails are on my mind. Things I’ve learned in the past week: A white dog, like the one I bought recently from High West, is excellent on ice with grapefruit bitters. I suspect its weaker cousin, topped off with soda water, would also be de-lish.

My own drink has always been bourbon on ice with a splash of water–pretty boring, right? I’m always reading about people’s crazy special “usual” cocktails, like scotch mixed with red wine, and it has made me envious that I didn’t favor something more unique…until now. I’ve been busy, and this is my new highball: gin, soda water, a splash of grenadine, and a splash of rose water, on ice. Now all I need is a name (my idea plays on the husband’s scotch theme). Taking suggestions, below.

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3 Responses to What About Roses and Water?

  1. Paul St. Amson says:


  2. Paul St. Amson says:

    Agua Rosa, Rosa Fresca, La Rosita

  3. Paul St. Amson says:

    The Bouquet

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