How To Look Good Effortlessly in the Summer

The May Bon Appetit’s main tip for good pasta sauce is to add some of the salty, starchy pasta water. Mine is to return the hot pasta to the pot and toss with one raw egg. Mix and then add the sauce.

Raid your herb garden

But in the summer months, our thoughts turn to cooler foods. Try this cold or room-temperature pasta alongside grilled vegetables and meat. In your food processor, mix a handful of shallots, a bunch of mint, a bunch of parsley, and a bunch of basil. Put that mixture into a large bowl along with a lot of olive oil, the juice of 1 lemon, salt, pepper, and sugar. Add hot cooked pasta. Mix, taste, season, and keep repeating until you are just eating. This is the perfect side to bring to any friend’s barbecue (along with a batch of jello shots, of course!).

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