Hillbrook Bound

Attention D.C. residents: Tired of sleeping in your same old bed every night and having to do mundane things, like cook for yourself? If so, I’ve got just the thing: A night away at a pretty little bed and breakfast called Hillbrook Inn in Charles Town, WV, about an hour and half from D.C. Beautiful, rolling grounds, homey friendliness, cozy, old-fashioned interiors…and an iPad in every room! Add on meals without menus, an owner who likes to make his own booze, and no bills til the end, and it really does feel far away from it all.

The dessert with the bourbon cream

The meals are just better that totally adequate. One thing to take home: a sauce made of cream, bourbon, and sugar. Pour it over a dessert, drink it from a cup–whatever! The experience made me want to explore the bourbon and milk cocktail genre.

I fully recommend this b&b, but a night is enough. It’s…quiet. And I like my bed and my kitchen too much to stay away too long.

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