Reading the Fish Wrap (#17)

To mock or not to mock? That is the question the Washington Post answers straight away in its food section this week. It kicks off with a particularly cruel Cooking for One from Joe Yonan. His subject par-cooks her salmon, eating just the cooked edges and nuking the rest for lunch the next day. Oh, and she’s single, lives with her dog, cooks with her TV, and is trying to lose weight. And the front page goes down from there: an article suggesting you should catch and eat bluefish bafflingly focuses on the gross process of spoilage that begins immediately. (Note to self regarding words to avoid in food writing: fishy and unpleasant, potential contamination, fish antifreeze, rancid, degeneration, dark fat, and you know it when you smell it.) This race against the clock is a waste of time!

Basically, don’t read the Post food section this week, rather get out and experience some food events in D.C. There is a wine and food festival this weekend at the National Harbor waterfront. (If the promise of tastings of over 200 wines, beers, and spirits can’t get you out, then you should probably sit home and read the Post’s special insert on the Future of Food conference.) And Sunday there’s a home cooks’ taco competition at the Rock and Roll Hotel. (My taco secret? Crème fraiche.)

The New York crowd also benefits from some very cool events this week: Until May 20, there will be a food truck serving free Korean bbq in Midtown; and The Experimental Cuisine Collective is having a symposium at New York University, with speakers and tastings, also free. A little reading to get you ready for those events: Ligaya Mishan’s review of the LES soba joint Cocoron (Warning: Don’t read it on an empty stomach!); and Indrani Sen’s short take on the Modernist Cuisine’s online corrections page.

Finally, in case you accidentally read something in the Post food section and need a palate cleanser, read Sen’s other little piece in the Times dining section about a kid who grew up working the family maple syrup stand at the Greenmarket and now has his own stand selling his own maple beer. Nothing to mock there. Phew!

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