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I considered writing about the June issue of Real Simple today as a copy fell into my lap, and at first it appeared to be a Real Magazine. Boy, was I wrong. Reading it is like being trapped in the chair at the salon by a talker with scissors. Or being cornered at a family event by a chatty aunt. Aside from a ton of health and beauty advice, there’s a list of things that are better about being older–including, but not limited to, no one will care what you wear, so go for those toe running shoes you’ve been eyeing. Yikes.

Real Simple suggests slipping into this hot, new summer trend: seersucker. I’d say that’s been big for years now, but come along Real Simple readers and join us for the season. Get the seersucker bathing suit, truly the proper attire for enjoying my pick for this summer’s trend. Enter the floater.

Well, that doesn’t sound very appealing, you might think. If you’ve been to Cyril’s in Amagansett then you know that I, like Real Simple, will occasionally recycle old ideas. But I’m suggesting you bring the BBC (that’s Banana Bailey’s Colada) home. The BBC is exactly what it sounds like, but then you add the floater: One or two more shots of Bailey’s on top. It’s challenging.

We’ve been making the Ramos Gin Fizz from the June issue of Imbibe magazine. But it has morphed. Sometimes you just need to use what’s on hand. Enter: gin, seltzer, egg whites, cream, juice of one lemon, one lime, and one orange, blended. Serve over ice with a straw, and add a floater of Malibu coconut rum on top. Trust me, you don’t need seersucker (or toe shoes) to know it’s summer after a couple of these. We call it the Summer Engagement.

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