Cheese Me

Just Grill It

Nuts! You’re late already for an afternoon barbecue and you are supposed to bring something but spent the day reading the Sunday¬†Times instead of preparing. Bringing beer or wine is obvious, but, perhaps, you pride yourself on going the extra mile.

There’s a quick stop at the grocery in your future. Skip the prepared food isle and pick up a wheel of cheese–with a thick rind and a soft interior, like Camembert–and a baguette. Once partyside, slice the bread, brush the rind with olive oil, and put the bread and cheese on the grill. About 2 minutes per side, for melted interior and grilled ex-. It won’t just be the vegetarians who thank you.

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One Response to Cheese Me

  1. MZ says:

    How did you know I face this problem at least once a month? On one occasion, I was so overzealous about making a prepared, from the heart dish that I put aside four hours to make some unnecessarily involved roasted corn+avocado salad with strange things done to the chicken that went on top.

    No one ate it.

    I like your idea so much more.

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