How To Get More Out of Your S’more

It’s a big weekend for fire. Hand-in-hand with the blaze is the humble, classic s’more. I’ve never been a huge fan; they are way too sweet for me. So, this weekend, I’ve enlisted an enthusiast to put us in touch with the cutting edge of Graham/marshmallow/chocolate.

What do you find lacking about the classic s’more?

I never liked that the chocolate was cold, that the marshmallow was the only part that was hot.

So, what’s the workaround?

After melting, not burning (!!), the marshmallows and assembling the s’more, I balance it on two sticks over the embers. The crackers toast, the chocolate melts.

That certainly sounds like an improvement.

It takes some patience, but it’s worth it.

Have you tried any other variations?

We’ve tried other types of chocolate, including Rolos and Reese’s.

Still sounds pretty sweet, which is my beef.

Now we’re introducing salt. Last night, we made them with bacon, and tonight there is talk of pretzel crackers instead of Graham.

You have piqued my interest. I will see you fireside.

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