Reading the Fish Wrap: Summer Flings

No works of staggering literary merit in this week’s New York Times and Washington Post dining and food sections. That said, if ice cream is the scoop you’re after, you should buy up both of them. If not, I’ll give you the non-ice-cream highlights.

1. Did you know that “cold-brewed teas and coffees are chemically different from their hot counterparts. They tend to contain less caffeine and less acid.” So says Harold McGee in the Times. I did not know that, but it does explain why the only black coffee I have ever enjoyed was cold brewed. (By the Matt Yglesias method.) Not a hint of bitter. And speaking of iced teas, I like the fancy Harney iced teas as much as the next partier, but this summer’s had me feeling nostalgic: try iced Red Zinger, the classic Celestial Seasonings brew, with a hint of honey.

2. Speaking of honey, did you know bee people were odd or just suspect it? “Moving the honey-laden boxes around can be taxing for [bee dude], who has lower back pain so chronic that he has performed apitherapy, or bee-venom therapy, on himself by administering bee stings to inflamed areas.” That makes me feel funny. Luckily, David Hagedorn writing in the Post also includes a recipe for baklava ice cream (d’oh!) that makes me want to, well, make it. Just reading the ingredient list set my senses on high alert.

3. Did you know homemade fizzy drinks are the IT thing this summer? Yes, you did.

4. Finally, did you know this was legal? There’s a somewhat interesting review from Tom Sietsema in the Post this week. A D.C. chef with a food shop in Shaw called Seasonal Pantry, which sounds worth a visit in its own right, is using the space in the evenings to host a supper club for a dozen. Of course, it only works if you love his food, but for $60, it’s worth a try.

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