Reading the Fish Wrap: Dirty, French Dogs

There must have been a memo: Hot dogs in this week’s wraps, everyone. Jeff Gordinier in the New York Times dining section on the current state of the dog on the street and the dog that’s moving on up is a fun read. And it’s summed up nicely by this quote:

This really is the class warfare of New York. Beer. Hot dogs. What’s next? It seems like every arena that used to be traditional, blue-collar, working class, now it’s like: ‘Oh no, we’ve got to have our own. God forbid we eat what common folks eat! And we have to pay a premium price to prove to you it’s the best.’

You can skip, however, the piece on ketchup and all Jose Andres is doing for the lowly condiment at America Eats Tavern. Instead, read about making chutney in the Washington Post food section or even better this review from Jane Touzalin of a new lunch spot in D.C.’s Penn Quarter called Paul, a French fast food chain. They, too, dabble in le chienne: “The dogs – two per sandwich – are good, but the star of the show is the bread: a warm, toasted baguette that’s crisp on the outside, a little chewy on the inside and utterly satisfying. In the supporting cast: Dijon-style mustard, bechamel sauce and melted Swiss cheese.”

Yes, more European fast food chains, bitte. You’re lucky if you work near Paul. But I’ve found D.C. lunch options far less limited that dinner. Ever try the New York Deli at 20th and L? They have a turkey club on a pretzel roll that tops any of my lunch gets in the town that claims that name.

Wraps aside, there was some fun reading circulating this week I’d be remiss not to mention. The dating site How About We… reports on what your drink says about you on a date (sweet, I’m somewhere between hot and a hot mess!). And over at Grub Street, Matthew Latkiewicz ruminates on the best approach to drinking in public (ah, I remember well when the airport security ladies would sniff my flask, giggle, and flag me through–a bygone era).

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