Reading the Fish Wrap: Thanksgiving End Game

The New York Times, after weeks of heated turkey talk, comes today with a caveat. The cover story about the perils of overeating gets input from a competitive eater, a bulky professional football player, and an eating disorder specialist. This piece will just make you sad, so focus instead on pie baking and cocktail mixing.

Salty Caramel Pie

This year I’m trying the salty caramel pie from Food & Wine and Chris Kimball’s pumpkin cheesecake. They are baking away as I write and as the good smells grow so to does my anxiety. I’m a terrible baker. Soup? Pasta sauce? Anything that will absorb (and possible hide) my impulsive style of cooking works well. Baking? Less so. You’d think I’d start following recipes closely, but I simply can’t do fussy things like squeezing all the moisture out of canned pumpkin with paper towels or brushing crusts with melted butter or measuring amounts. Sigh. Fingers crossed.

Better to focus on drinks. Read Jason Wilson in the Washington Post this week for a great Thanksgiving cocktail suggestion: the Aperol Spritz. Aperol, an Italian aperitif, prosecco, club soda, and a slice of orange. If those pies don’t work, we’ll drink our dessert!

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