The Glamorous Leftover: Turkey Pot Pie

So, did you get tired of turkey sandwiches halfway through the second one? Do you still have turkey in the fridge even after making a tasty turkey soup? If so, we have a few things in common. But good news! I have a solution for you, a leftovers end game, which will not only end this dragged out eating tradition, but actually elevates the ingredient, so it can go out with a bang. I’m talking turkey pot pie here, something I had not only never cooked before, I’d never even eaten. I’m regretting the years of turkey sandwiches right now.

Sauté some sliced onions in butter and oil for a while and then add flour and extra butter as needed. After the flour cooks, add several cups of chicken or (leftover!) turkey stock. Get that simmering and then add any leftover herbs—I had rosemary and thyme—and sliced mushrooms and carrots. Let that cook down for a while and then add your chopped turkey (all that remains!) and some frozen peas. After a few more minutes, add a cup or two of (leftover!) cream. Once that has cooked down a bit, remove any sprigs of herbs and taste, adding salt and pepper as needed.

Pour the thick, creamy mixture into a soufflé dish (or two) leaving an inch at the top. Spray the upper edges, interior and exterior, with vegetable oil and lay a piece of puff pastry dough over the top. It should be hanging over the edge all around; pinch it to make a seal. (Note: the directions with the pastry suggest that you brush the top with melted butter, but I skipped this step due to that earlier “add extra butter as needed.” Sadly, not much leftover butter in the house.) Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

This dish is very dramatic, all puffed up like a peacock, and the transformation of the leftovers may even inspire you to cook another bird before November 2012.

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