Dishing Up Early Spring Onions

I have to hand it to the food editors at Martha Stewart Living: They still manage to out-recipe the magazines whose primary focus is food. The March issue has a series of recipes using early spring onions. The one that caught my attention is a play on my fave blini and caviar. Boil pasta and then toss with butter, creme fraiche, and some of the cooking water. Salt and pepper and serve with more creme fraiche, chive blossoms, chopped chives, diced hard-boiled egg, and caviar. Enjoy with–you know it–champagne.

There is also a really lovely article about a new tea shop in Brooklyn, Bellocq. Opened by a former food editor at MSL, the shop is just so. Almost to the point of annoying, but when they start making cocktails with tea and pairing them with smoked fish, the fantasy has won me over. I will be placing an order for some of their tea blends.

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