Happy Hour: The Palm Spritz

Forget the highfalutin $200 juicers. Yes, fresh juice is good, but is it better than just eating that carrot or apple? I’d say not. You lose too much of the other benefit of eating whole fruits and vegetables. If you have to drink it, make a smoothie with yogurt and fruit. What you should invest is the $5 for a manual citrus juicer. There’s so much citrus this time of year and juicing it is a wonderful way to enjoy it. You might also get a batch so riddled with seeds that you deem them not worth the effort of peeling and segmenting.

Sure, you could drink that lovely juice, but wouldn’t you rather make a cocktail? I eat so much citrus picked right off the trees in Palm Springs that I’m calling this the Palm Spritz. Make a large shaker or pitcher of this and leave your guests to it. 2 parts good tequila, 2 parts tangerine juice, 1 part seltzer, splashes of sweet vermouth and Campari, and dashes of Angostura and orange bitters.

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