Reading the Fish Wrap: I Heart Taco Bell

There are several unusual articles in the food sections this week. The Washington Post’s lead story piqued my interest because it’s by a coffee skeptic. Rachel Tepper very well could be a supertaster as she finds coffee too bitter to bear. The chef at Poste Moderne takes on the challenge to find a coffee she’ll like and is in the end semi-successful. Fancy beans + fancy contraption + honey = a drinkable brew, and way too much effort.

Over in the New York Times dining section, there’s a nice essay from Helen Cooper about an envy-enducing dinner she put on at an Italian villa. The warm breeze and countryside scents seem to waft through my apartment an ocean away. And William Grimes has a funny piece about kitchen gadgets that people buy with the best of intentions that ultimately do nothing but collect dust. I didn’t even know that there was a special peeler out there just for asparagus…and suckers to buy it.

But the piece that has really stayed with me is part of the Times‘ series on American cuisine. John T. Edge explores the food trend coming up from Mexico that involves a bag of Tostidos covered with some combination of jicama, pork bits, tamarind candy, pickles, hot sauce, and nuts. It’s called Tortilocos and it’s apparently street food for drunk folks. One truly bizarre development, that I’m surprised I missed because I’m a huge fan of the double decker taco supreme, is that Taco Bell has produced a taco made with cheese-flavored Doritos as the shell. The collective “Sweet!” from America’s teenage boys deafens.

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