Trends of the Moment

It turns out that Cairo Wine & Liquor on 17th Street in Dupont Circle has the Imbue vermouth I wrote about last time. (It also turns out that if you ask for something they don’t have, it will be ordered.) They mentioned that Hank’s Oyster Bar also carries this particular bottle. And it’s newer than I thought. The bottle I bought is only from the second batch. Funny though, this trend does not make Imbibe’s 50 Drinks of the Moment list, an expansive group that includes winners like honey-infused spirits and fruit beer. Shudder.

I also recently wrote about deep-fried herbs, so I perked up when I came across a small note in Martha Stewart Living about frying lightly battered sage leaves and serving them with sea salt. I think that could be an excellent companion to the Imbue or the other trend I’m currently following: bourbon.

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