Will Cruise for Salmon Jerky

The June issue of Food & Wine has a little piece by Josh Dean on the luxury of experiencing Alaska by cruise ship–an option he says 60 percent of the state’s visitors opt for. I, too, have enjoyed the Holland America guide to Alaska, and if you are wondering if you are really the “cruise type,” I have two words for you: taco bar. That’s right, at nearly any hour you can fix yourself a taco poolside. And at that very moment you smack your lips and look around, imagining that there might be a cold beer nearby, a waiter materializes to confirm it.

Other words that come to mind: eggs benedict, waffles to order, salmon jerky, whales, eagles, glaciers, hot tub, discotek, magic show, trivia competition. Okay, some of that stuff might not sell you, but if you’re eligible, there is an outstanding ladies blackjack night with rules that favor the player. Real money can be made if you know your way around the greens.

Dinner every night was a three-course affair and it was never a disappointment. But my fondest memories are of munching salmon jerky and washing it down with Old Crow bourbon smuggled in to offset the bar bill (you see, it comes in plastic hip flasks that look very much like mouth wash if your bags happen to be scanned). Just a hint if you plan to cruise the 49th state. Also, a note to self for the Holland America cabin I plan to book for December in the Caribbean.

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