Herbals That Perk You Up

After limping along with caffein-free Twinings for the past months, I decided to invest in some herbal teas from Harney & Sons. There were many new additions to their offerings and now they are brightening up my daily sacraments. Sure I miss my Chocolate Mint and Winter White Earl Grey, but the Ginger & Liquorice has a spice and a sweetness that perks me up with its scent alone. I’m also enjoying the Lemon Herbal and the seasonal Cherry Blossom. But my happiest discovery has been on the iced tea front. In my caffeinated days I used to go for the Black Currant or the Pomegranate Oolong, but Harney’s Raspberry Herbal is a show stopper. I make it with a couple of bags of Organic Peppermint and some honey. Best iced tea I’ve ever had–and a big step up from the powdered sweet tea I lived on in my youth.

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