A Tale of Kale

The dark leafy greens are appearing at the farmers market, and, boy, have they been lush. I bought some kale not knowing yet what I was going to do with it. I knew I’d be making some chili in my new slow cooker and considered chopping it into that. But after piling in the ground beef, goat chorizo, onions, peppers, garlic, baby eggplant, tomatoes, and beans it was clear that thought was unrealistic.

During the last football season, I wrote about serving chili on top of salad–a house favorite. So why not the kale? I sauteed it in bacon fat, a spoon of miso, and a little water. Of course, everyone knows chili improves over time, but in the first serving, that big leafy green actually outshone it!

If you’re also swooning when you see these greens at the market, try this spicy kale and chorizo soup. It will cure any ailment from hunger to fatigue to change-of-season blues.

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