The Perfect Pizza Pie

So here’s a puzzler. Someone else in my household received a teaser copy of Cook’s Illustrated last week. I say “teaser” because it seems to have been created for promotional purposes alone. It’s got no month designation and strangely has a persimmon cover, similar, but different, to that on the November/December cover. Like I said, it’s puzzling. Especially since I do subscribe to the publication. For more insight into the oddity that is CI, read Alex Halberstadt’s profile of its bizarre founder/editor Christopher Kimball in the New York Times Magazine Food and Drink issue. This is the only piece worth a look in an otherwise dull issue and then only if you are already familiar with CI or Kimball. Charming fellow–enjoys making people uncomfortable and his mission seems to be taking the fun out of cooking. His magazine aims to find the definitive technique for any given recipe and tends toward hyperbole–the perfect pizza pie dough, for example.

But back to that phantom issue. This weekend we did indeed get a pizza dough upgrade. CI’s is pleasingly both chewy and crunchy. But I’m not the baker in the house, so I’ll focus here on the toppings. You can use trader Joe’s dough and call it a day.

Starting to layer the cheese

I recently bought a jar of sliced truffles in oil and this was going to be its big debut. This pizza was inspired by the potato and truffle pie I once had at the Ava Lounge on the top of the Dream Hotel in NYC.

Brush the rolled out pizza dough with some of the truffle oil and then cover it with minced garlic and rosemary. Next cover the dough with super-thinly sliced potato, overlapping, about one per pie. Then lay out slices of the truffle if you have it and give the potatoes another brush of the oil and a dusting of salt and pepper. Finally distribute a layer of grated fontina and a little parmesan. Bake at 500 degrees for 18 minutes.

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