Cheers to Many Many More!

East Coast readers of the New York Times can only see this storm as the perfect opportunity to actually read the whole paper. An extra day! But in case you dawdled as much as ever I’ll draw your attention to one piece that might not register as a must-read food article. In the Magazine‘s Body Issue, Dan Buettner looks at the elderly inhabitants of a Greek isle to figure out what makes them live so long–a full decade longer than the rest of us. The answer is lots of things: more naps, more sex, and less stress. But the most important component to the Long Simple Life seems to be diet, and what the residents of Ikaria eat puts us to shame. Yogurt, bread, honey, legumes, greens from the garden, olives, and lots and lots of olive oil, tea, and wine. And that’s about it. I’d love to know what it feels like for even a moment to live in a body so unencumbered by meat and dairy and modern agricultural uppers. So today I’ll only drink champagne! Feeling lighter already.

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