Reading the Fish Wrap: See, Reviewing Isn’t So Subjective

Turn your gaze away from the Sandy tribute in the New York Times dining section and read instead the Washington Post’s review of the new Logan Circle gastropub Drafting Table. Tom Sietsema’s take is very similar to mine. His title is funny–A room full of drawing boards to go back to–a play on the restaurant’s mystifying “theme” of architecture and drafting tables, which seems to be less a play on “draft” as in beer as one on not much at all, just drafting tables … symbolizing a work in progress perhaps.

The Times and the Post go head-to-head on Papa-inspired drinks pieces and the Post does it better. Jason Wilson reviews a new cocktail book that catalogues every drink Hemingway ever wrote about. Note: the mojito was never one of them. And this sounds refreshing: gin, coconut water, lime juice, and bitters.

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