Supersize Your Flavor: Turkey Leftover Edition

No pardons for tasteless turkey.

Let’s be frank: Turkey doesn’t hit you over the head with its flavor. It’s subtle, fragrant, earthy, fresh even. So, as you dress it up in its many iterations this year, you might want to keep some of these flavor enhancers in mind. Of course, they are good to have on hand year round. You’ll use them again and again.

1. Anchovy Paste–This adds an umami richness that’s tough to top. Use it as a base for a turkey and mushroom risotto or any time you’re making a tomato-based pasta sauce.

2. Miso–This adds a multidimensional saltiness that’s especially great with vegetables. Use it in a turkey and broccoli stir-fry or with any sauteed vegetables. I used it yesterday in my first batch of split pea soup this winter season.

3. Maggi–I suspect that this is just MSG, but with such flavor, who cares? This will give your turkey a more meaty flavor and will also work well in a stir-fry. Or you could toss your turkey in it before building it into a pot pie. A regular meal at my house is thinly sliced skirt steak tossed with Maggi, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sliced onions, and garlic, sauteed on high heat for one minute, and then served over fresh spinach.

4. Coconut Oil–I’m just starting to use this fat in my cooking. It brings a sweet, floral aroma to sauteed vegetables. Add it to your turkey soup along with some other key Thai ingredients–lemongrass, chilies, lime, sugar, cilantro.

5. Bouillon–When all else fails, a scoop of bouillon can save you. I prefer Better Than Bouillon chicken, turkey, and fish bases. You can add them to virtually any dish that needs help.

6. Actually, also in that category: Bacon or Bacon Fat. But you probably already know what to do with it.

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