Reading the Fish Wrap: Last Year, This Year

I read with some interest the top new restaurant lists from Pete Wells in New York City and Tom Sietsema in the D.C. area. I tend to stay local, so I need to try Rasika Westend, Seasonal Pantry, and Izakaya Seki. I don’t think I’m going to risk another meal at Mintwood Place. As a friend used to say, it would be really great…if you’ve never been to a restaurant before. I’ve been warned away from Rogue 24 by a local food writer, so mostly I’ll just keep going to Little Serow as much as humanly possible. It’s going to be a great year! Also, if you missed it, the Times had a great piece by Eugenia Bone about French truffles–where to buy them, why they taste smell so good, and especially whether all those truffle products are the real deal. Read It.

Photo by Jennifer Causey for MSL

However, the piece that I’d like to set the tone for my 2013 comes in the January issue of Martha Stewart Living. It’s a how-to for growing sprouts and microgreens. It’s as easy as a plastic take-out container, dirt, and seeds. And then there’s the grilled cheese sandwich with bacon, apple, and sprouts as well as an omelet with microgreens. Yes, I’d very much like to start the new year with these little buds and those simple recipes. You’d understand if you saw the dusty, dried-out rosemary plant in my window. So long 2012!

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