Reading the Fish Wrap: Gifts for Yourself!

When it comes to buying olive oil, like wine, I might as well close my eyes before making my selection. It seems that every store carries whatever random brands they choose and I never see the same bottle twice. However, I do enjoy olive oil and used to work somewhere high quality varieties were sold. Jim Shahin’s Smoke Signals column in the Washington Post caught my attention because he promises that the smoked olive oil from the Smoked Olive will wow your dinner guests served simply with bread for dipping. Add that to your shopping list.

That’s it for the wraps. One note though: I read much of the food sections digitally before the print edition comes out, and it never in a million years occurred to me that the dopey piece about immersion blender mishaps–btw, don’t stick your fingers in the blades when the thing is plugged in–would be the cover story for the New York Times dining section. Along with a picture of a creepy bloody appliance. Seriously.

Also on my list of things you should try as soon as possible: these mint chip malt balls from Sugarfina. My new favorite candies are well worth it for a special occasion. And, finally, for D.C. locals, if you haven’t been to Pearl Dive Oyster Palace in a while, they are now offering a brunch menu for lunch, which includes several terrific egg dishes. Treat yourself to the eggs benedict, which comes with both spinach and ham, a couple of oysters, and a glass of bubbly. The perfect fuel for making lists.

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