The Spice of Life

In my quest to try new things in the kitchen this year, I have to include variations on my standbys. Think, it’s not a totally new date every night, just the usual main squeeze with a different hairstyle. Still kind of exciting, right? Here’s hoping.

In that spirit, I added kale to my standard sausage tomato pasta sauce. This brought a tangy, lemony bite to an otherwise sweet, spicy sauce. In this case, the three notes were better than two. It was a huge hit. To my usual ham and veg (spinach) and cream pasta sauce, I tried adding tomatoes to create more of a pink sauce. Success again. And later in the week, to a similar cream sauce–that’s what I meant by standby–I added mushrooms, which again was met with raves. Turns out trying new things in the kitchen isn’t just fun, it turns heads.

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