On These Chilly Nights

Nothing is better than a great pot of soup that can feed you (and any guests) all week. Just heat and supplement with cheese toast or garlic bread or a plate of sliced, salted cucumber spears. But if you’re going to visit the same soup several nights it has to be interesting. This week I wanted something really warming and especially healthy. I made a very special lentil soup.

Saute 4 chopped andouille sausages for a few minutes in a bit of olive oil–no need to brown. Then a series of chopped vegetables, which you can prep and add in succession: 2 onions, 3 garlic cloves, 5 celery stalks. When the celery has had a few minutes, pour in your liquids: a mixture of chicken stock, beef stock, and water. You’ll need a lot of liquid, about 12 cups, for the bag of lentils you pour in now. Let the soup come to a boil while you prep and then add 2 diced sweet potatoes and 1 bunch shredded kale. Once simmering, add cumin and garam masala. Cook 30 minutes and serve.

This soup is very spicy, very warming; the sriracha sat untouched on our table. I particularly like the use of sweet potato instead of carrots, which I often find overpower anything they touch. With soup like this, I can handle a few more winter nights.

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