Reading the Fish Wrap: Me and Mister Reuben

Best read of the week in the food sections goes to Bart Barnes in the Washington Post. If you’re familiar with that byline, you must be a regular reader of the Post’s obit page. His charming piece in the food section chronicles his desire to have a sandwich named after him, so for his 75th birthday party, guests were asked to bring their nominations. In the end, the Bart is cut up hot dogs, onion, peppers, cheddar cheese, and hot sauce on cheesy jalapeño bread. Sounds intense.

I’ll digress to mention that one of my late-night kitchen creations once made its way onto the special menu at a restaurant where I was waitressing. It was turkey, pepper jack, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, sprouts, and mayo on a roll. If I remember correctly, it was a big seller, but didn’t last because it was too messy. Ah well, I’ll always have Emily’s Choice. I know how Bart feels.

Also in the Post, Tom Sietsema’s review of Table in Shaw. I guess I don’t actually want to promote it, because it’s another no-reservations, line-down-the-block-type place. That said, it sure sounds good. I’d enjoy pan-roasted squid, “a tender tube stuffed with spinach, Swiss chard, prosciutto and Manchego cheese.” Sietsema won out this week, beating poor Pete Wells who had to eat “a dot of sea buckthorn jam on a cracker made of dried pig’s blood. Sea buckthorn berries grow wild near the ocean. They look like tiny orange eggs and have an astringent sourness. Their flavor is mildly pleasant, but not pleasant enough to make dried pig’s blood taste like anything other than a healing wound.” Yum!

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