The Fish Wrap: Warning, The Med Diet Linked to Smugness

I will take Jane Black’s do-gooder public service pieces over Mark Bittman’s smug moralizing any day. In the Washington Post, Black writes about healthy shopping classes taught at grocery stores across the country. In the New York Times, Bittman weighs in on this week’s news that a Mediterranean diet beats out a low-fat diet that people don’t stick with (that is, a regular high-fat American diet) on all fronts. You can hear Bittman’s shrill “I KNEW IT!!” echoing throughout his article. So Black wins on readability, but her recipes also lap Bittman’s–shouldn’t there be a lesson in the low-fat group; something about how people need to want to eat the food? Okay, so try Black’s clams, tomatoes, and beans roasted in parchment and her braised turkey legs and thighs. And help me forget I ever heard about Bittman’s olive tapenade on orange slices.

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