The Fish Wrap Scrap: Knives, Vegetarians, and Feet

I read last week’s food sections from the comfort of a poolside chaise in Miami, but even that tranquil setting couldn’t buffer me from the annoyance I felt at the big food-editor-of-the-Washington-Post’s “coming out” piece–as a vegetarian, that is, though Joe Yonan did compare it to his earlier coming out. (I wonder if he was plugging his new book that time.) But the bad taste didn’t end there. Using Anthony Bourdain as his villain, Yonan countered the argument that the worst dining table crime is to tell someone’s grandma you’re not eating the meal she cooked because you’re a veg with this: “I think the absolute rudest thing you can do is to show a lack of respect for someone else’s decision about what they are going to consume.” So this is just another rant from the infamously thin-skinned Post food editor, and I’d say who cares except that a guy who doesn’t eat like 96% of us shouldn’t be the editor of a mainstream food publication/section. Alan Richman at GQ just ranked Johnny Monis’ Dupont Circle Thai Little Serow the most outstanding restaurant of 2013. Shouldn’t the Post’s food editor be able to eat there (not to mention love it)? (And is it just me or was Mark Bittman trying to distance himself from Yonan when he called himself a “true omnivore” in the Times Magazine this weekend?)

Maybe I’m just in a bad mood now, but I’m taking this bit of news in the New York Times personally: Wusthof has managed to improve upon the standard chef’s knife. A few holes and a ridge later and all of your cucumber rounds fall gently to the cutting board instead of stacking up and then rolling away never to be seen again. Don’t get excited southpaws. The knife is for right-handers only and there are “no plans for a left-handed version.” Well, nuts.

Perhaps I should seek some zen at the tea house and foot-soaking salon in Arlington reviewed in the Post this week. Although for $28 ($6 for the tea, $22 for the feet), I could probably come up with something pretty special at home.

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