Facing the Food Facts

I said to a friend the other day that all I want to do in the evenings is a little yoga and then read Wolf Hall. I was explaining why I haven’t been writing much and since saying it nothing has felt more true. With one baby off to bed and another on the way, food has taken a back burner. It doesn’t help that I think the New York Times and Washington Post food sections are suffering under the leadership of Mark Bittman and Joe Yonan. Or that I’ve recently tried several M.F.K. Fisher books and couldn’t get into them. But mostly my taste isn’t what I’d describe as super these days.

Nothing too spicy, nothing too bitter, nothing too complicated, and plenty of sweets. I’m loving Sugarfina for candy and Harney & Sons for my insatiable tea needs, and I’ve discovered how addictive the fresh-ground honey-roasted peanut butter is from Whole Foods. Eating super simply has allowed me to highlight fine ingredients. I’m happiest eating sliced tomato and fresh mozzarella on a piece of toast drizzled with fancy olive oil and balsamic vinegar from O&CO.

I suppose I’ll still write when the urge intersects with opportunity, but in the next week or two I’ll be taking a walk down memory lane with several Best Of recipe posts. First up, Best Of Spring, but I’ll also cover my favorite soups and pastas, as well as my specialty, salads that taste like meat. Stay tuned.

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