Supertastes’ Best Of Spring

The first thing we think of when the world starts to warm is, of course, asparagus. It’s finally here, so as you get to roasting the spears or blending them into soup, consider also this simple, creamy pasta sauce of ham and spargel.

One of the only things you can find at the farmers market this early is delicate greens, like mache and pepper cress. Try this amazing preparation: bake an egg on a bed of those greens and a slice of bread in a ramekin. The epiphany comes when you drizzle sage butter over each one.

Among those greens you’ll also find the standby spinach. Make a spicy sausage and spinach pasta sauce, roast a few baby artichokes, and toast the new season with a tangerine and tequila cocktail I call the Palm Spritz. Cheers!

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