The Joy of Not Cooking

As Michael Pollan hawks his book encourages people to get back into their kitchens, my mind wanders to simple treats that will let me spend more time outside in this beautiful spring weather. Maybe picnics are my inspiration or maybe it was a recent visit to Glen’s Gourmet Market in Dupont Circle. Newly opened in the former “secret Safeway” location at S and 20th Streets, this shop is certainly not a one-stop grocery experience. The deli and the produce suffer at the expense of super trendy food genres like sauces (hot, bbq, marinade) and things pickled. The store, which sells products produced “locally”–that is from NY to VA–also specializes in the ever-growing prepared food market.

What a shop like this is great for is gifts and inspiration, which brings me finally to my latest love. It began with perfect, fresh ricotta. I knew I wanted it on toasted baguette with honey, but I needed another note. I asked the cheesemonger at Glen’s for a recommend and he first suggested black pepper, but when I asked about a green, he said arugula would have the right bite. And does it ever! Right now I feel I could eat my little open-faced sandwiches all season, leaving me plenty of time to lie in the grass hunting for four-leaf clovers.

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