Supertastes’ Best Of Summer

If you feel like taking a break from ingesting nothing but gin and tonics and popsicles, which is a totally solid way to pass these 90 degree days, I find a pesto in the food processor is a reasonably cool addition. Recently, I tried a parsley pesto from Bon Appetit, which involves almonds and chives, and I added roasted broccoli into the mix. A totally serviceable supper with sliced tomatoes, but nothing compared to this herb pasta with shallots and lemon. That broccoli was better used in this veggie pasta sauce with sun-dried tomatoes and ricotta salata. Then again if you’re cooking pasta sauces, let the market be your guide using a few key tips from Supertastes.

But if your a/c is pumping and your oven is too, my favorite summer recipes are chicken and pork enchiladas with a spicy tomatillo sauce and the best eggplant parmesan you’ll ever taste (with eggplant slices that are baked, not fried). Both are great for company, because you can prep them ahead, but the downside is you’ll have to share.

And if g&ts and popsicles are your cruising speed, spice it up (and get your protein) with a batch of jello shots. A drink and a meal in one!

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